The Rajya Sabha instituted the Dr. S. Radhakrishnan Chair and two Rajya Sabha Fellowships Scheme in the year 2009 with the objective of promoting research on different aspects of parliamentary democracy in India. At the initiative of the Hon’ble Chairman, Rajya Sabha, Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu, the existing Scheme has been revamped in order to enhance its effectiveness and utility. The revamped scheme has been renamed as ‘Rajya Sabha Research and Study’ (RSRS) Scheme which has three components, namely (a) Dr. S. Radhakrishnan Chair; (b) Rajya Sabha Fellowships and (c) Rajya Sabha Student Engagement Internships. The broad objective of the Scheme is ‘to promote research/empirical/comparative study of the functioning of Parliament and other democratic institutions and analyse their contributions to the country’s socio-economic transformation; and to ensure the utility of the research study to the functioning of Parliament’. Various aspects of the Scheme have been streamlined including eligibility criteria, selection of broad themes for study by the Chair and Fellows, monitoring of the research project, etc. The research grant for the Chair and Fellowships has been enhanced to attract the serious scholars/experts to undertake the study and ensure quality and relevant research. The number of Fellowships has also been increased from two to four. A new Internship Scheme has also been introduced with the objective to acquaint the students with the working of Parliament of India, especially the Rajya Sabha. A Research Advisory Committee (RAC) assists the Chairman, Rajya Sabha in the selection as well as operation of the Chair and the Fellowships. It has five members, two from amongst the members of Rajya Sabha, two prominent academics, nominated by the Chairman, Rajya Sabha and Secretary-General, Rajya Sabha is the Member Convenor. The Interns will be selected by the Rajya Sabha Secretariat as per the direction of Secretary-General, Rajya Sabha

Rajya Sabha Internship Programme

The Rajya Sabha Internship Programme is nomination-based. The programme aims to bring the functioning of Parliament closer to the youth by providing them an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the overall functioning of Parliament at the macro level and the Rajya Sabha Secretariat at the micro level.

Officers responsible for the supply of information

Shri Ratan Kumar Sahoo

Director (Research)


Room No. G075, PLB, Rajya Sabha Secretariat, New Delhi – 110 001.

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