The Official Report of the Proceedings of the House i.e. Lok Sabha Debates is prepared by the Lok Sabha Secretariat under the authority of the Speaker. Rule 379 and Rule 382 of Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in the Lok Sabha provide that a full report of the proceedings of the House at each of its sittings would be published, got printed and distributed as soon as practicable in such form and manner as the Speaker, may from time to time direct.

Lok Sabha Debates

1. Three versions of the Lok Sabha Debates are prepared, viz., a Hindi Version, an English Version and an Original Version. Out of these, Hindi and English versions, are printed and distributed among the members and others. The Original Version is kept in the Parliament Library, suitably bound, for purposes of record and reference only. 2. The Original Version contains proceedings in English and Hindi as they actually take place in the House. It also contains English/Hindi translation of speeches made in regional languages. 3. The Hindi Version comprises all Questions asked and Answers thereto given in Hindi and the speeches made in Hindi besides the verbatim translation into Hindi of all Questions asked and Answers thereto given in English and the speeches made in English or in a regional language. Supplementaries asked on Questions or speeches delivered in Urdu appear in Devnagiri script in the printed Hindi Version of debates. 4. The English Version contains Lok Sabha proceedings in English and English translation of the proceedings which take place in Hindi or in any regional language.

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Debates on Internet

The Original Version i.e. the verbatim reports of Lok Sabha Debates is available on Lok Sabha Website under the heading Uncorrected Debates and Final Edited Debates. The Uncorrected Debates are released onto the Homepage on the next day for the use of the members, media persons, researchers and the public at large. The corrected data i.e. the edited debates are also released under the icon Finally Edited Debated onto the Homepage as and when got vetted by the members. The release of edited debate generally take 10-15 days. The debates can be accessed through various search parameters viz member wise, subject wise, session/date wise, type of debate etc. The debates can also be accessed on combination of search parameters viz member+subject+session etc.

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Language to be used by Members in Debate

Under article 120 of the Constitution, the business of the House is to be transacted in Hindi or in English, but a member who cannot adequately express himself in either of the two languages can, with the permission of the Speaker, address the House in any of the languages mentioned in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution or in his mother tongue. Such a member should, soon after taking his seat in the House, inform the Speaker about it in writing. On each occasion, before speaking in the House, he should furnish at least half an hour in advance, to the Officer at the Table or the Parliamentary Notice Office, a notice to the effect that he is proposing to speak on such and such item of the Business in such and such language. On receipt of such notice, arrangements will be made to interpret the speech in English and Hindi, if the language indicated by the member is one of the following viz. (i) Assamese; (ii) Bengali; (iii) Kannada; (iv) Maithili; (v) Malayalam; (vi) Manipuri; (vii) Marathi; (viii) Nepali; (ix) Oriya; (x) Punjabi; (xi) Sanskrit; (xii) Tamil; (xiii) Telugu; and (xiv) Urdu.

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Corrections by Members in their Speeches

1. A copy of the transcript of every speech delivered or Question asked by a member and answers given thereto on a day is supplied to him early next morning at his residence for confirmation and correction of inaccuracies, if any, which might have occurred in the process of reporting. Only minor corrections namely those in respect of grammatical errors, mis-reporting of quotations, figures, names, etc. are permissible. Improvement in literary form or altering substance by additions, copius substitutions or deletions are not permitted. The member is required to return the transcript by 15.00 hours on the following day. 2. Members are required to follow this time limit strictly as the edited verbatim record of proceedings is put on the Internet which is a time bound programme.

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Copyright in Debates

1. Under Section 2 (k) of the Copyright Act (No. 14 1975) the copyright for the reproduction of any material from the debates and ancillary publications vests with the Lok Sabha Secretariat. 2. A member desirous of reproducing any material from the Lok Sabha Debates or even his own speeches is required to seek formal permission from the Speaker giving specific details of the matter to be reproduced. The copyright matters are examined by the Editorial Branch.

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Synopsis of Debate

The Synopsis of Debates is a gist of important suggestions and points made during the Debates. The details of arguments advanced, motion or amendments moved, Papers Laid on the Table and other formal items are not included therein. It is not an authoritative record of the proceedings of Lok Sabha Debates. For authoritative full record of proceedings official report of proceedings (Edited Debates) may be consulted.

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